[gst-devel] loading plugins without registry

René Stadler mail at renestadler.de
Tue Dec 26 02:13:06 CET 2006

Am Montag, den 25.12.2006, 01:59 -0800 schrieb ram kumar:
> hi,
>      I have built a CLI player using gstreamer and i
> want 
> to optimize the code since the size of the player is
> very 
> big for an embedded device.So i have decided to
> disable 
> the registry (since it uses XML library which ocupies 
> more space) and also the debugger.So i defined 
> #define GST_DISABLE_REGISTRY 1 in the gstconfig.h 
> file.

Don't do this.  Use the corresponding --disable-* options when
running ./configure.

> But my application which is built over the 
> gstreamer is not able to load the plugins.
> 1.How to inform my application to load the
> plugins(without registry).
> 2.I was advised(mailing list) to use --gst-plugin-load
> switch..but iam not clear how to use it? can anyone 
> explain me in detail.....??????

The --gst-plugin-load option seems to take a comma-separated list of
plugins (i.e. module files) to load.  Do you pass argv/argc to gst_init
correctly? (verify that other --gst-* options work, like

Try to use debugging to see what's going on, e.g. setting
GST_DEBUG=GST_PLUGIN_LOADING:5 might provide helpful information.

  René Stadler

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