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Adam Lofts adam.lofts at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 16:13:23 CET 2006


I'd like to announce a project I've had over the winter. Kaapow is a little
python application for playing with webcams. It will display you webcam feed
and allow you to apply effects to the feed (currently limited to the *tv
elements, see below). The url is http://adam.uwcs.co.uk/kaapow. This should
be fun for people with cameras built into laptops for example.

So the next step I want to take is to add an "overlay" effect to put a
picture of a gorilla on top of the camera feed, so one can look at oneself
being a gorilla (i.e. some of the image would be transparent). Unfortunately
this is not as simple as sticking in an edgetv element and a colorspace. My
gut reaction was this:

[ filesrc ! pngdec ! freeze ! ffmpegcolorspace ]
[ feed going in ! ffmpegcolorspace ]

both into

[ videomixer ! feed going out ]

I do get one frame of output from this, with the image on top but then
playing stops. I've also tried playing with pad probes to eat up EOS events
but still no success.

Are there any example of doing this?

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