[gst-devel] Ixion player on Windows

Michal Benes michal.benes at itonis.tv
Thu Jan 5 01:18:09 CET 2006


	for all who are interested in GStreamer on Windows: I have prepared
another "tech demo". There is a new Windows binary of the Ixion player
(based on 0.10) at http://gstreamer.xeris.cz/ixion/ixion.html

	The build contains plugins-base -good -ugly -bad and gst-ffmpeg (but
vorbis is the only external library used). Description of the complete
build process can be found at http://gstreamer.xeris.cz/ The DirectX
sinks were kindly provided by Sebastien Moutte. 

	The good news is that 0.10 seems to be much more stable that 0.8 on
Windows. Still, the player crashes quite frequently. I was not able to
obtain any useful backtrace so far.

	I hope somebody will find this useful.



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