[gst-devel] Re: Gst win32 , was : DirectX sinks for Windows status

Michal Benes michal.benes at itonis.tv
Mon Jan 30 02:38:07 CET 2006

Hi Sebastien,

> >	The problem is that our build is quite unstable (though the situation
> >is better than with 0.8). I have not done much for debugging the issues
> >(may be disable gcc optimization or use only -O1). Our company has
> >recently changed our focus to set-top-box solution and we can not invest
> >much time PC player in the moment. I can try to help with some issues in
> >my spare time but I am not much personally interested in Windows too.
> >  
> >
> What kinds of problems have you encountered to say that the build is 
> quite unstable ?
> does it crash at any time or during negociation or state transitions ?

	The crashes occur randomly during playback using both Ixion player and
gst-launch + decodebin.

> May be the crashes are related to some debugs as msvcrt.dll doesn't 
> support NULL parameters in printf arguments ...

	Oh, I did not knew about this. I will recheck this, but I do not think
this is the only problem.

> I'll commit some changes to fix that because actually we can't use debug 
> level 5 on windows from cvs.
> Actually, i have not tested a lot of differents pipelines with gstreamer 
> on Windows, but the ones i have tested were working fine.
> Here i'm talking about the binaries i'm building with vs6 but i'm using 
> binaries built with mingw+gcc for dependencies.
> I ran some pipelines for ogg theora/vorbis playback, and i've concluded 
> the core is quite stable on Windows (i mean once the printf problems are 
> solved)...

	We will probably need some testing by people who can use gdb and give
proper debug info. As I said, I have not debugged this much (the beast
was stable when started from gdb) and I can not invest much time to this
in the moment. 


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