[gst-devel] Google Summer of Code: advanced OpenGL video mixer/renderer

Attila Áfra attila.afra at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 14:37:30 CET 2008


My name is Attila Afra and I'm a 3rd year CS student. I would like to
participate in Google Summer of Code with the following project:

I'm planning to write an OpenGL accelerated video mixer/renderer library:
(Accelerated Cross-platform Video Renderer). Its main features will be:

  * all calculations done using OpenGL 2.1 and GLSL
  * support for many planar and packed video formats
  * correct color space conversion taking into account chroma siting,
    primaries, nominal range, etc.
  * asynchronous high speed video uploading using pixel buffer objects
  * high quality resampling (including chroma upsampling): bicubic, Lanczos
  * pixel-based motion and edge adaptive de-interlacing with automatic
    telecine supporting arbitrary cadences
  * 3D noise filter
  * color correction
  * video mixing using alpha blending

I will write the library in C++, but of course I want to create a C binding
I want it to be as generic as possible in order to be usable in several
multimedia frameworks and players. Because of this, it will handle only the
rendering of individual frames and it will not be restricted to OpenGL
other backends would be: CUDA, Direct3D, etc.).

This library would represent the first part of the project. The second part
would be a gstreamer plugin which would use this library.

This wouldn't be my first open source project. My first project was
(http://filmshrink.sourceforge.net/), a DVD-Video transcoding application,
I wrote 3-4 years ago. The second one is quite recent (I've just uploaded
a small, cross-platform, OpenGL-based GPGPU library called GPUC
(http://code.google.com/p/gpuc/). I also did research on 3D graphics
atmospheric scattering using OpenGL/GLSL).

What do you think about this project? I can give more details about it,
I've made some good progress on the design.

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