[gst-devel] New GStreamer binaries for Windows based on OAbuild.

Andoni Morales ylatuya at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 16:20:33 CET 2009

> I would also like to point out (once again) that OAH uses pkg-config for
> compiler and linker switches instead of project dependencies/references in
> Visual Studio. Hence, there is no monolitic "master" build/solution file,
> but separate build/solution file for each module which could reside in each
> respective module repository. For GStreamer this would be (to follow the OAH
> convention) in win32/oah, which is beside the existing win32/vs*.

I think the adoption of pkg-config for compiler and linker switches is an
exelent choice as it will make easier to compile plugins with external
depencies, which was one the problems of OABuild.
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