[gst-devel] How to save a stream from a network into a file

Zelalem Sintayehu zelalems at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 1 16:49:26 CEST 2009

Hi Sudarshan, thank you very much! It is now working. BTW, you have added the element, ffdec_263, after the depayloader. That is the reason why it started to work. You know I had thought of that as well, but the reason why i didn't try it is that the rtph263pdepay gives us a stream that is encoded with h263 codec (that is what we recieved from teh sender). So, i thought it only needs to give this stream to the muxer and then the muxer can store it into file. I still don't understand why (especially a decoder - which I think will decode it back to raw format) is required. Could you please explain for me the idea behind. BTW, the first few frames are very distorted (blurred). 

I am using Gsreater 0.10 version. I think that is the latest.

Thank you again. It is really a great help.

- Zelalem S. 

Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 19:08:15 +0530
From: bisht.sudarshan at gmail.com
To: gstreamer-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [gst-devel] How to save a stream from a network into a file

Hi ,
  Actually i treid following pipeline on my machine , and it works . ( I dont have webcam so tried it using videotestsrc) .
gst-launch videotestsrc ! 'video/x-raw-yuv,width=320,heigh=240,framerate=(fraction)25/1,format=(fourcc)I420' !  ffenc_h263p ! rtph263ppay ! udpsink port=5000
  gst-launch  udpsrc port=5000 caps="application/x-rtp,media=(string)video,clock-rate=(int)90000,encoding-name=(string)H263-1998" num-buffers=5000 ! queue ! rtph263pdepay ! ffdec_h263 ! avimux ! filesink location=test.avi

 And ensure that u have latest Gstreamer installed . 

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