[gst-devel] OpenGL context: GTK X overlay v/s SDL v/s Clutter v/s Wx

Alexandre Quessy alexandre at quessy.net
Mon Apr 19 15:02:16 CEST 2010

Hello everyone,
I am still hesitating between SDL, GTK, WxWidgets and Clutter, (not
QT) for creating an OpenGL context for the Toonloop 2.x application.

So far, I have a prototype in SDL, but I am still unsatisfied about
how SDL 1.2 handles the fullscreen mode on Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I have
done some very satisfying prototype with GtkGLExt regaring the
fullscreen mode, but I still didn't put any Gstreamer video in it. As
for the current GTK examples, they seem to crash very often on my
computers, so I gave them up. I don't want to write an unstable
application! (the error messages says that an X resource is not

Before putting 1-2 days in porting the examples to GtkGLExt, I would
like to hear some success stories or advices regarding one of those
toolkits or another. So, does anyone has good reasons to recommend one
or another? Maybe Clutter would be to be considered? I draw my shapes
and textures using some low-level vertex manipulation, and I use GLSL
shaders and such.

Alexandre Quessy

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