Need for real-time modification to the stream

Andrey Nechypurenko andreynech at
Mon Aug 22 13:10:14 PDT 2011


> I am thinking of streaming an encoded video stream over different wireless
> connections of fluctuated bandwidth. So I am looking for what GStreamer can
> provide me in order to control the streaming in real-time. Actually, I want
> to be able to modify the different parameters such as frame rate, bit rate
> and frame size or even the encoder I am using in order to adapt to the
> current condition of the connection. I need all this to be done in real-time
> while the stream is flowing.
> Any one who has experienced this before or has any idea about it, please
> help...

You can take a look at this page and search for the
presentation entiteled "Adaptive video streaming with Ice and
GStreamer". Links to the presentation video and slides are available



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