GStreamer to combine 2 streams into Side-by-Side Stereo3D?

Nathan Clark nathan at
Mon Jun 20 08:24:41 PDT 2011

Hi Guys,

My name is Nathan.

I am building a *Fully OpenSource 3D Cinema Camera-Rig* as part of the
Apertus <> "Open Source Cinema" project.

I am writing to introduce myself, with hopes to muster up some enthusiasm
for the project; and also to seek assistance in the development of a tool,
built on GStreamer- for monitoring the stereoscopic rig during production.

As I do not have any experience with program development, I am here to see
a) this tool is easy/difficult to create, and
b) if anyone is interested helping with it's development.

The basic function of the tool (*"S3DView"*) is as follows:

2 x synchronized IP cameras send 2 x unicast rtsp streams over the network
rtsp:// (left)
rtsp:// (right)

*"S3DView"* takes the 2 streams and displays them in one of 4 ways:

1. Side-by-Side
Left image is squashed 50% and positioned to the left
Right image is squashed 50% and positioned to the right

2. Overlay
Both images are displayed- one overlaid on the other, with 50% opacity

3. Left Only
Left image only is show (with unobtrusive text overlay - "left")

3. Right Only
Right image only is show (with unobtrusive text overlay - "right")

These four display modes could then be switched on the fly using shortcuts
for example:

Side-by-Side: Up Arrow
Overlay: Down Arrow
Left Only: Left Arrow
Right Only: Right Arrow

The window should be able to optionally go into "fullscreen" mode and retain
the ability to switch between the 4 viewing modes.

Until this point, i have been attempting to use VLC's mosaic to do this, but
very quickly have I realized that GStreamer looks to be far better suited to
the job.

Unfortunately, it is beyond my scope to develop the *"S3DView" *tool myself-
if anyone is interested in becoming involved, or if anyone has any questions
/ ideas / input*-- * please let me know*.

*Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,
Nathan Clark*
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