DeckLinkSrc Element for windows

William Metcalf wmetcalf at
Mon Jun 20 12:40:01 PDT 2011


Thank you very very much for your help.  I am also still working on
converting the element to Windows.  I have successfully gotten the
project to build in Windows, and I am able to create the element in a
gstreamer application.  The element is partially working; I can create
the element using gst_element_factory_make, and link it with
autovideosink, but the video that comes out is black and white and plays
basically like a slide show.  I will continue working with it trying to
get it to work, and I will let you know if I make any good progress.
Hopefully between the two of us we will be able to convert this project
to windows and get it working well.

Thanks again for your help,

On 6/20/2011 1:16 PM, Josh Doe wrote:
>  Hi William,
>  I have begun converting the element to WIndows, but am new to COM so
>  it is taking me a little while. I believe the only elements that use
>  COM are the DirectShow ones, so I've copied the initialization code
>  from there. I'm also new to to MIDL, so I had to read up on that and
>  convert the IDL file provided by Blackmagic to a header file. I'll try
>  and work on it more this week so hopefully I can get something out for
>  you to test.
>  -Josh
>  On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 3:08 PM, William Metcalf<wmetcalf at>   wrote:
>>  Hello all,
>>  I am working on a application that needs to read from DeckLink capture
>>  cards.  I recently found out that there is a decklink source element that
>>  works with Linux, but not with Windows.  I have downloaded the files for it
>>  in an attempt to convert it to work for windows, but I feel like I might be
>>  getting in a little over my head.  Has anyone out there converted this
>>  element to work for windows already, or does anyone know what all I need to
>>  change to get the DeckLinkSrc to work with Windows?  I think mostly all that
>>  needs to change is how COM is used and how it loads libraries, but I am not
>>  very experienced and working with either.  This element would be extremely
>>  helpful in windows, however, and would save me a ton of work trying to read
>>  in raw video myself and push it through a pipeline with appsrc.
>>  Thank everyone in advance,
>>  William
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