[Bluecherry] Contracted developer needed for H.264 capture cards

Curtis Hall chall at corp.bluecherry.net
Mon Jun 20 14:57:35 PDT 2011


We are looking to sponsor a GStreamer developer to add support for our
line of multi-input H.264 capture cards.  These cards have
Video4Linux2 support for the video devices, and ALSA sound support for
the G.723-24 audio devices.

The basic features of the card can be found here:


We are sponsoring this for the Opencast / Matterhorn project, so their
requirements are pretty simple.  Each channel has three encoders, a
primary h264 encoder, a secondary h264 encoder and a MJPEG encoder.
Each h264 encoder would need to be opened individually and the
encoding quality, GOP, and audio grabbing would need to be handled by
the plugin.  The h264 streams off the encoder are raw frames, so the
container would also need to be handled.  RTMP/RTSP streaming using
the GStreamer libraries would also need to function.

Any GStreamer developer is welcome to apply, however we do want the
plugin to eventually be added into GStreamer, so core GStreamer
developers with extensive experience with handling Video4Linux2 and
ALSA devices will go to the top of the line.  The plugin will be
housed on our Github repo: https://github.com/bluecherrydvr

A more complete list of requirements is available.

Please email me directly if you have any questions.


Curtis Hall (curt at corp.bluecherry.net)
Bluecherry - www.bluecherrydvr.com
(877) 418-3391 x 283

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