How to capture from composite input of an analogue tv card

Mehmet Giritli mgiritli at
Thu Mar 10 06:19:48 PST 2011


I hava an old SAA7134-chipped old tv card with analogue tuner and
composite+svideo inputs. It works with tvtime by just giving /dev/video0
as the command line parameter. BTW, I am only interested in capturing
the composite video-in signal.

However, I do not know how to capture it with totem. Giving /dev/video0
as the parameter does not help. I have v4l2 plugin installed and the
gstreamer-properties shows my card and it gives output from an untuned
tv channel. 

But how do I construct a pipeline for capturing composite video-in and
is it possible to watch it through totem using this pipeline?

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