non-existing PPS referenced

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Hello Jaroslaw,

The problem is that in case of streaming if sps & pps is lost no decoder can
decode the H264 video, hence you getting the error "non-existing PPS

To fix this please set config-interval property of rtph264pay , so that sps
&pps are sent again and again. This will resolve your issue .


2011/3/10 Jarosław Przybyłowicz <jaroslaw.przybylowicz at>

> Hi,
> I'm developing simple rtsp server and client.
> Simplified pipeline on the server side looks like:
> filesrc ! decodebin caps=video/x-h264 ! rtph264pay ! rtpbin (rtpbin is then
> connected to udpsinks for RTP, RTCP and udpsrc for RTCP). I used Totem to
> play the stream and everything looks to be working fine. Stream is played
> properly from start to end.
> However, I do have some problems with seek command. Lets say, one of the
> ten seek commands brakes down the player, sometimes it works, sometimes it
> doesn't. After calling gst_element_seek on the server side, there is a
> glitch in the player (followed by some artifacts in the rendered video) and
> then I get lots of "non-existing PPS referenced" on the debug console. Sadly
> it won't stabilize itself, it's broken for good until I restart the player.
> Secondly, I have implemented also a simple client, where pipeline is like
> this:
> rtpbin ! rtph264depay ! decodebin2 ! autovideosink
> This workd nicely for few first seconds. After that I again get lots of
> "non-existing PPS referenced" (no seek is performed!). Moreover, dump from
> rtph264depay to filesink produces exactly the same binary data as in the
> input file on the server side, so it is not a data corruption issue.
> I would be very happy if someone could explain to me what can cause
> "non-existing PPS referenced" because I don't even know where to start with
> this thing.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jaroslaw
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