non-existing PPS referenced

Jarosław Przybyłowicz jaroslaw.przybylowicz at
Thu Mar 10 11:51:31 PST 2011

Hello Kapil,

Many thanks for your reply. I believe that this may resolve my issue 
with seek problem. Still I am wondering, why totem works properly with 
no config-interval set on server side, while my client would need that 
(when no seek is done)?

Best Regards,


W dniu 2011-03-10 16:53, Kapil Agrawal pisze:
> Hello Jaroslaw,
> The problem is that in case of streaming if sps & pps is lost no 
> decoder can decode the H264 video, hence you getting the error 
> "non-existing PPS referenced".
> To fix this please set config-interval property of rtph264pay , so 
> that sps &pps are sent again and again. This will resolve your issue .
> Cheers
> Kapil

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