Stream live video feed (webcam) to webpage?

Matias Hernandez Arellano msdark at
Thu May 19 14:39:19 PDT 2011


How can i stream live video feed from webcam  to a webpage..
I now i can create a pipeline to capture from webcam and sink into a ogg file.. then in the webpage read this file.. but the problem with this is the size of the file.. the video feed is "infinite" so the video file will continuously growing and this is not convenient ..

So i try to search how stream directly like when use tcpserversink o udpserversink .. but with this sink methods i can only see the first frame in the webpage (using html5 video tag) ...

I need to do this programmatically , i mean write the code for this purpose... I try with icecast but don't work good    (or maybe my implementation was bad) ...

Any idea, guideline, example or anything will be welcome.

Thanks for your time!!!

Matías Hernandez Arellano
Ingeniero de Software/Proyectos en VisionLabs S.A
CDA Archlinux-CL

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