Passing a GstBuffer to another function

iron_guitarist1987 jtrinidadperez at
Sun Dec 23 17:48:44 PST 2012

Hello all,

I have a GstBuffer that I want to pass to another function. When I print the
size on the chain function, I see the correct size, but when I do so
myfunct, I only get 8. How can I pass a GstBuffer to another function?

void myfunct(GstBuffer *buf)
   g_print("Buffer size = %d\n", GST_BUFFER_SIZE(buf));

static GstFlowReturn
gst_my_chain (GstPad * pad, GstBuffer * buf)
   g_print("Buffer size = %d\n", GST_BUFFER_SIZE(buf));

//other stuff

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