Video suddenly lost

Ralph ralph.gucwa at
Wed Oct 3 04:16:44 PDT 2012

I have a Windows WPF C# application using C# Bindings and OSSBuild (GStreamer
WinBuilds v0.10.7, Beta 04).
It works like a charm, but yesterday when my colleague was using it on his
machine, he suddenly lost the video - when a new XOverlay was created to
display a new video file, suddenly all rectangles displaying video became
black.  The weird thing is that the change is permanent - restarting the
system, uninstalling the software and even running standalone debug versions
didn't help.  I ran a version creating log files and I can see that
GStreamer loads video files and plays them without any problems.  Everything
looks normal, but still no video on the screen.  I tried using both
dshowvideosink and d3dvideosink with no results.  It seems like something is
broken in the operating system, but I cannot imagine what could change so
suddenly.  There were no system updates and no software updates installed,
all software was used exactly the same way as two days ago and two weeks

Has anyone witness anything like that?

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