Spionisto: a video surveillance web app fuelled with python and Gstreamer

Noe Nieto nnieto at noenieto.com
Mon Oct 8 11:43:17 PDT 2012

Hi people from the internet!

In the last months I've been working in a small web app, written in 
Python, that gets video from a cheap Camera and displays it in a web 
browser window using MJPEG streams (No fancy HTML video or streaming yet).


Right now is in a very beta state, it only has capability to get video 
from a cheap and old IP Camera (Cisco WVC54G) and a Dummy camera that 
uses videotestsrc to generate video patterns and do some testing.

It uses zc.buildout, paster, the Grok framework, supervisord and a 
couple of hacks to have it working.

So, the app is on github right now, If someone wants to get it working 
on his machine I'd be happy to give some help so you can try it and see 
if it works for you.

Noe Nieto
NNieto Consulting Services
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Noe Nieto

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