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Ruchi Parmar ruchiparmar143 at
Tue Apr 9 21:38:55 PDT 2013

I have developed a media player on android to play mpeg-ts streams. I am
using eclipse juno version on windows OS. I have configured gstreamer in
eclipse to develop the media player. Now there are certain problems coming.

1) The transport stream that I am testing is of high frame rate, so a
synchronized display is not coming. There is much disturbance. What could be
the reason? Codec problem?

2) My main doubt is, I am supposed to receive the stream over udp in LAN.
But when I give the uri "udp://", the emulator does not
display anything and displays the message, "Could not get settings from/on
resource". What might could be the reason? I googled on this but no luck so
far. An ideas? I am new to this forum.
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