Configure option for building only a specific list of plugins with dependencies?

Carlos Rafael Giani dv at
Mon Apr 15 10:54:42 PDT 2013


typically, the base/good/bad/ugly packages work in an opt-out fashion; 
plugins are built unless they are disabled with a --disable-<plugin> 
option (or if their dependency isn't present).
For dependency-less plugins, there is an additional option, 
--with-plugins. With this option, it is possible to specify a 
comma-separated list of dependency-less plugins to build. This 
effectively makes the build system switch to an opt-in mode for these 
plugins: only the specified ones will be built.

However, no such option seems to exist for plugins with dependencies. 
Having one would be handy. Right now, I have to explicitely disable all 
plugins with dependencies that I do not want to build.

Does such an option exist, am I overlooking something?

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