building bad plugins

Chuck Crisler ccrisler at
Mon Apr 15 13:54:07 PDT 2013

I am getting a compile error when trying to completely build
plugins-bad-0.10.20. The problem seems to be that HAVE_CONFIG_H is defined
in the project seemingly to mean that there is a config.h in the bad plugin
root directory that the gstreamer modules should include. Unfortunately in
VP8 the file vpx_codec.h also uses #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H to include
vpx_config.h, which looks like a generated file that isn't generated, hence
the error. What is the accepted way to get around this? Also, what is the
accepted way to generate a release build? Is it to specify CFLAGS=-O2 to
configure? The documented --disable-debug doesn't do anything and the
undocumented --enable-debug=no doesn't work. Setting CFLAGS=-O2 seems
rather obtuse, but works.

Chuck Crisler
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