Prerequisites needed for uvch264?

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Sun Jul 21 08:12:51 PDT 2013

At the moment it seems as uvch264src of Gstreamer1x does not work. It works, however for Gstreamer 0.1x  therefore it might be advisable to go for that instead. For my project that relies on cuting the video stream precisely and saving it into several files. Unfortunately, I experienced memory issues in Gstreamer 0.1x.

I am now stuck somehow, because in Gstreamer1 I can cut an h264 stream without problems but cannot use the camera, while in Gstreamer 0.10 I can use the camera but I have a memory leak and loss of data each time I cut the stream. 

I remember that I had the u_dev problem too when I tried to complile Gstreamer the first time a year ago. So I don't remember exactly what I did to solve it but I remember loosely that I ended up installing something else that shipped that header files. I don't know ubuntu, but i think apt-cache is supposed to be able to tell you which package provides a certain library you are looking for.

Adam Goodwin < at> wrote:
>I'm working on a project where I need to get H264 encoded video from a
>Logitech C920.
>As I understand it I need to use uvch264 for this, as v4l2src is not
>to get H264 encoded video from a C920. (This is based on a few
>I've found online and the fact that a basic pipeline like
>v4l2src ! video/x-h264 ! fakesink" doesn't work.)
>The stable 1.0.8 release of gst-plugins-bad doesn't have uvch264 ported
>yet, so I've tried to install the 1.1.2 developer release which does.
>Unfortunately, this is what I get regarding uvch264 when I try to
>"./configure" the bad plugins:
>*configure: *** checking feature: UVC H264 ***
>configure: *** for plug-ins: uvch264 ***
>checking linux/uvcvideo.h usability... yes
>checking linux/uvcvideo.h presence... yes
>checking for linux/uvcvideo.h... yes
>checking for GST_VIDEO... yes
>checking for G_UDEV... no
>checking for LIBUSB... no
>configure: *** These plugins will not be built: uvch264
>*I'm pretty new to all this GStreamer stuff, so excuse my ignorance,
>but to
>try and resolve the missing "G_UDEV" and "LIBUSB" dependencies I
>the following packages (I am using Ubuntu 13.04) with these commands:
>"sudo apt-get install libgudev1.0-cil-dev"
>"sudo apt-get install libusb-dev"
>But I get the same results, "checking for G_UDEV..." and "checking for
>LIBUSB..." still both say "no".
>Even worse, with this 1.1.2 build of GStreamer I can't use v4l2src to
>another video format from the camera. The "gst-inspect-1.0 -b" command
>shows "" as blacklisted. So I'm giving up on this
>Basically, my question is this: Assuming there isn't some way of
>v4l2src (from a stable release) to stream the H264 encoded video from
>C920, can anyone help me get the right dependencies so that uvch264
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