why appsrc can not be linked directly to qtdemux?

Thiago Santos thiago.sousa.santos at collabora.com
Wed Feb 26 20:00:17 PST 2014

On 02/27/2014 12:41 AM, Ugly Face wrote:
> I linked filesrc directly to qtdemux to play mp4 file . but when I use
> appsrc, It does not work any more. should I add some elements between them?
It should work. The only difference I can see from using filesrc or 
appsrc to serve
the same data is that filesrc is likely going to use pull mode, while 
appsrc would use
push mode. Either way it should work.
What error do you get? Are you pushing the same mp4 file through appsrc?

> By the way , if  I want to push raw H264 data(NALU) to appsrc, how can I set
> the caps of appsrc properly?
> would this work?
> caps = gst_caps_new_simple ("video/x-h264",
>      			"framerate", GST_TYPE_FRACTION, 15, 1,
>      			"width", G_TYPE_INT, PIC_WIDTH,
>      			"height", G_TYPE_INT, PIC_HEIGHT,
>      			NULL);
So, if this is related to your previous question, pushing h264 data into
qtdemux won't work.

If this is an independent question, you can add the information about
h264 stream-format to the caps. Check elements that handle h264 for
learning what's available. I'd suggest looking at h264parse or x264enc.
You can check the caps that those elements handle/produce by using

"gst-inspect-1.0 h264parse"


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