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On Mo, 2014-06-23 at 07:11 -0700, Manoj89 wrote:
> Hi,
>    (i) Is there any complusion that we have to provide the libgiognutls  as
> shared lib? How I can use the static 
>        lib libgiognutls.a in above case?
>    (ii) I have all my gstreamer related libs in non-standard path opt where
> I have all the static libs including 
>        glib,gio etc.To this only I built glib-networking and got the
> libgiognutls.a at location 
>        /opt/gstreamersdk/lib/gio/modules/libgiognutls.a.After building the
> glib-networking i built libsoup on top of 
>       that. Later I built gst-plugins-good-1.2.3.
>    (iii) Can you tell me proper way of linking glib-networking?

You don't have to use shared GIO modules, no.

The static one has to be manually initialized in your application before
usage. And e.g. the build system magic that is included in the GStreamer
binaries for Android and iOS will do that for you.

Basically you'll have link it into your application and call
> extern void g_io_module_gnutls_load_static) (void);
> g_io_module_gnutls_load_static ();

Note that statically compiled GIO modules from glib-networking are a
feature that is not merged into GLib yet.

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