reconfigure event

Christian Sell christian at
Mon Jun 15 07:04:32 PDT 2015

in my program I have the need of re-initiating caps negotiation because the
output window is switched. From the docs at
I drew the conclusion that this was simply a matter of sending a RECONFIGURE
event, which is what I did:
gst_pad_push_event(pad, gst_event_new_reconfigure());

where pad is my video sink pad. My expectation was that this would initiate a
full negotiation circle, with caps being exchanged etc. However, nothing

Then I read this statement: "Renegotiation and the RECONFIGURE event in
GStreamer are only "hints", not something that makes sure you immediately only
get buffers in the new format" (from
My investigation into the code also only showed markers being set and the like.

My question: how do I re-initiate caps negotiation such that it happens


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