Synchronised RTP Clients

Jonathan Thorpe jt at
Mon Apr 25 03:19:43 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I'm very new to GStreamer, but it looks like it might be the perfect tool
to solve a problem with streaming audio with low latency and keeping
clients in sync.

I would like to achieve the following using RTP and GStreamer:
1. Synchronise audio playback between clients - preferably using PTP  run
from the GStreamer server.

2. Sustain a small amount of packet loss through retransmission (similar to
what is offered in rtprtxreceive / similar to RFC 4588).

This is what I have to work with:
 1. The server ( receives already compressed MP3 audio over
RTP from a Barix Instreamer on port 5000 (

 2. Two remote Clients - I cannot use multicast for this purpose. Clients
also have a Barix Extreamer on the LAN which can receive and play RTP
(, on port 5000.

I would like it to look a bit like this:

I have clearly chosen a very complex project to get started with GStreamer
on, but would be very grateful if someone could assist with helping
establish pipelines (Client and Server) that will achieve this.

Kind Regards,
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