xv port not available

Tatiana Sula tatiana.sula at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 10:05:38 UTC 2017

Hello Vivia,
Thank you for replying.

>Do you have Xorg running in your virtual machine or is it console only?

I don't think I have them installed, unless they were installed

>Try running the "xvinfo"command to make sure that your X / drivers are
installed correctly.

This is the output.

X-Video Extension version 2.2
screen #0
no adaptors present

I guess it's not installed properly.

>Question, what do you need to implement?

Actually, I'm working on a media player project . I need to display video
on screen. I was checking if gstreamer plugins were installed correctly
because I got an error in my project.

> If you want to check whether video can be displayed but don't want to
>have X running, you can try with aasink or cacasink - they'll use
>ASCII art on your console.

I can't do that ( I think ). Gstreamer is a backend for the library I'm
using for my project. I looked through the source files and I saw that for
video output it checks for: gconfvideosink,  autovideosink, xvimagesink and
ximagesink in that order. I would need to edit the source files.

What would you suggest to install? Could you provide me a link ? I know I'm
asking for a lot but I don't want to break something without knowing.

Thank you !
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