MPEG-TS and Rust

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On Tue, 2019-07-16 at 09:23 +0300, Sebastian Dröge wrote:
> […]
> Thanks. The problem here is that you don't provide valid data to the
> descriptor, please check the MPEG-TS and DVB specs or at least the
> parsing code. One place where this is described is ETSI EN 300 468 in
> annex A.

I am using ETSI EN 300 468 V1.15.1 (2016-03) as my reference for the packets.

> The first byte of the text is supposed to signify the charset encoding
> that is used (and it might be more than a single byte).

The standard says Appendix A.0 that if the first character of the string is
not an encoding byte then there is a default encoding, Latin. Thus my data
conforms to the standard as far as I know.

> Of course this shouldn't crash if random other data is found there
> nonetheless. Can you create an issue with your testcase?

OK. Later today though, I have to take my car in for a recall update.

> That seems like a problem in your setup. You can get proper stack
> traces with gdb/lldb and even MSVC on Windows in mixed Rust/C/C++
> projects.

It would seen that the Debina packages of gstreamer 1.16.0 do not come with
debugging symbols, at least that would be my guess as to why (*). I am solely
on Linux and have no access to Windows or MSVC. 

I have a request in to the JetBrains CLion folk on this issue – CLion should
be able to deal with C calls from Rust, but only as long as the debic symbols
are available.

(*) I be I have just failed to install the debug symbol packages. Have you
moved gstreamer 1.16.0 from experimental to sid now that the Debian freeze is

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