Sending multiple video streams using webrtcbin

Stergios Hetelekides hetelek at
Thu Aug 20 01:51:08 UTC 2020


I hope this is an appropriate place to ask webrtcbin questions! :)

I have a pipeline using webrtcbin successfully sending video to a mobile
app! It looks something like this:
myvideosrc -> ... -> webrtcbin

It's working great for a single video stream, but now I'm trying to send
multiple video streams using webrtcbin to the mobile app. I've tried
linking an additional src to my webrtcbin:
myvideosrc -> ... -> webrtcbin
videotestsrc -> ... ----^

When I do this, only 1 stream comes thru to the phone. By looking at the
SDP answer that webrtcbin is generating, it is only responding with 1
stream in the answer. I know both pipelines work individually, but I cannot
get both streams to come thru at the same time.

I'm not sure if it's an issue with how the mobile app is sending it's offer
(does it need to offer to receive 2 streams?), or how I'm handling on the
webrtcbin side? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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