RTSP Client sometimes doesn't send video (stream 0) packets to the client

Renjith Thankachan (Software Development - Telecom) renjith.thankachan at matrixcomsec.com
Wed Mar 10 10:49:28 UTC 2021


We are using gstreamer rtsp server in our streaming server.

I would like to discuss & find a possible reason for one of the behaviors
which we have observed while streaming our videos.

- Our Streaming Server is deployed in a Windows 10 PC
- We are using a single shared rtspmediafactory to stream our videos.
- a video streamed via the gstreamer rtsp server was displayed in different
vlc clients in different machines (around 20-30 clients)
- we observed that in some clients the video was not displayed.

*Our analysis*

- We verified from wireshark(client end) that video packets were not
received. audio was received
- We verified from wireshark(server end) that audio packets were sent to
client, but video packets were not sent
- we observed that initially the video packets were sent/received for
around 1 second but gstreamer stopped sending it (before stopping an ACK
was received from the client with PSH bit on)
- On enabling the gst debugs a warning was printed "*already a queued data
message for channel 0*" - from do_send_data_list (rtsp-client.c)
- though the stream in some clients were not displayed, in all other
clients it was displayed properly

*Our Troubleshooting techniques *

- we replaced the client with ODM ( same behavior was observed )
- we replaced the client PC ( same behavior was observed )
- we shifted to a private network ( still same behavior was observed in
some clients)

*Configurations used*
Camera Resolution :- 2048 X 1536 @ 30fps H.264 Codec
TCP stream was rendered to the clients
1000 Mbps switch was used
All client PC were windows 10 PC

We are stuck with this analysis and trying to find the exact reason for the
video disconnection.

Please provide your valuable inputs for the above mentioned issue faced by

Renjith Thankachan
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