ThinkVantage key on ThinkPad X61

Ben Liblit liblit at
Wed Jan 2 20:34:55 PST 2008

Danny Kukawka wrote:
> Did you load thinkpad_acpi ? IMO this driver should handle the extra
> keys of the thinkpads and send them through some /dev/input/* device
> (at least since 2007-07-22). If not, you may should check and report
> to the kernel ppl.

Yes, I am using thinkpad_acpi 0.18-20071203, which is the latest release 
from that module's developers.

I do have a very simple HAL patch which handles this by adding 3 lines 
to the existing handle_ibm_acpi_events() code in 
hald/linux/addons/addon-acpi.c.  But I don't mind trying to push this 
down to thinkpad_acpi first.  I'll bring your suggestion over to their 
mailing list and see if they're willing to take this on as a feature (or 
possibly bug report) for their kernel module.


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