[HarfBuzz] graphite 1.0.1 released

Martin Hosken mhosken at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 02:57:38 PDT 2011

Dear Shriramana,

> Perhaps I wasn't sufficiently clear. I was interested in knowing whether 
> Graphite rendering via Harfbuzz is slower than OT rendering via Harfbuzz 
> for the same text/script. Somehow I get the perception that OT is 
> "inbuilt" into HB whereas Graphite is an *external* library that HB 
> calls, which is why I ask.

For some scripts Graphite is faster and for others it is slower. But it is not much slower and it is sometimes much faster. The more lookups that fire in your font (particularly contextual lookups) the more likely that Graphite will be faster.

It being an external library has nothing to do with it.


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