[Bug 76321] OSD's from Gnome-shell hangs or crashes the Intel driver

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Mon Jan 19 05:04:33 PST 2015


--- Comment #9 from martin.kamleithner at gmail.com ---
Here is my steam system information:

Processor Information:
    Vendor:  GenuineIntel
    CPU Family:  0x6
    CPU Model:  0x2a
    CPU Stepping:  0x7
    CPU Type:  0x0
    Speed:  2200 Mhz
    4 logical processors
    2 physical processors
    HyperThreading:  Supported
    FCMOV:  Supported
    SSE2:  Supported
    SSE3:  Supported
    SSSE3:  Supported
    SSE4a:  Unsupported
    SSE41:  Supported
    SSE42:  Supported

Network Information:
    Network Speed:  

Operating System Version:
    "Fedora release 21 (Twenty One)" (64 bit)
    Kernel Name:  Linux
    Kernel Version:  3.17.8-300.fc21.x86_64
    X Server Vendor:  Fedora Project
    X Server Release:  11602901
    X Window Manager:  GNOME Shell
    Steam Runtime Version:  steam-runtime-release_2014-08-20

Video Card:
    Driver:  Intel Open Source Technology Center Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge

    Driver Version:  3.0 Mesa 10.4.1
    OpenGL Version: 3.0
    Desktop Color Depth: 24 bits per pixel
    Monitor Refresh Rate: 59 Hz
    VendorID:  0x8086
    DeviceID:  0x116
    Number of Monitors:  1
    Number of Logical Video Cards:  1
    Primary Display Resolution:  1366 x 768
    Desktop Resolution: 1366 x 768
    Primary Display Size: 13,54" x 7,64"  (15,51" diag)
                                            34,4cm x 19,4cm  (39,4cm diag)
    Primary VRAM Not Detected

Sound card:
    Audio device: Intel CougarPoint HDMI

    RAM:  7898 Mb

    UI Language:  English
    LANG:  en_US.utf8
    Microphone:  Not set
    Total Hard Disk Space Available:  95625 Mb
    Largest Free Hard Disk Block:  70312 Mb

Switching from SNA to UXA did not fix the bug.
I have never edited the xorg.conf before, so I think I should still be running
DRI2. (How do I check? glxinfo says just: direct rendering: Yes)

What I noticed: If I plug in a second monitor and use both (not mirrored), then
this bug does not appear. I can change the volume and the OSD works fine and
does not crash the system.

If a game hangs, I can get it running again most of the time by switching to a
virtual terminal and then switch back using "chvt 1".

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