[Bug 91916] [All bisected] Render error when running Unigine-Heave_v4.0

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--- Comment #10 from Eero Tamminen <eero.t.tamminen at intel.com> ---
(In reply to Matt Turner from comment #8)
> Well, the report says they are using 4.0. Maybe some of the workarounds were
> actually applicable to 4.0?

Looking at info in QA wiki, Heaven v4 is run with;
  export force_glsl_extensions_warn=true
  export MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE="-GL_ARB_sample_shading"
  ./bin/heaven_x64 ... -extern_define PHORONIX,RELEASE

And this is what's removed from the drirc by the commit:
-            <option name="force_glsl_extensions_warn" value="true" />
-            <option name="disable_blend_func_extended" value="true" />
-            <option name="force_glsl_version" value="130" />
-            <option name="disable_shader_bit_encoding" value="true" />

As the commit mentions tessalation, and I've always run Heaven with:

I wonder would TESSALATION_DISABLED option for Heaven change anything?

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