[Bug 96971] invariant qualifier is not valid for shader inputs

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--- Comment #4 from Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org> ---
No.  The wording isn't great, but

"Only variables output from a shader (including those that are then input to a
subsequent shader) can be candidates for invariance."

implies to me that you can only mark outputs as invariant.  This would also
make it match the GLSL ES 3xx rules.  GLSL ES 3.20 has similar text, but also
says in the issues section:

"Do invariance qualifiers for declarations in the vertex and fragment shaders
need to match?
Option 1: Only allow invariance declarations on outputs. If a vertex shader
output is declared as invariant, it implies that the corresponding input to the
fragment shader is also invariant.
Option 2: Specify that they must match.
RESOLUTION: Only allow invariant declarations on outputs."

The resolution is pretty clear there.  You only get to use 'invariant' on
outputs with the new rules.

Are you running into an issue with the new code I implemented?  Or just spec
reading and wondering if we should have done something else?

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