[Bug 96965] stuck on render ring; GPU HANG: ecode 9:0:0x86dffffd, in Xorg [9455], reason: Ring hung, action: reset

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Tue Aug 30 20:20:56 UTC 2016


--- Comment #5 from Peter Gervai <grin at grin.hu> ---
Due to other problems (general crappyness of i915 regardless of this bug) I
have given up trying and swapped in my old nvidia to a newer one. As far as I
remember I have tried a bit newer kernel but not very recent ones, since there
were way too much time wasted on all kind of new components went into the
machine (since it's been struck by lightning and got replaced, which primarily
resulted my adventures with i915) and the machine had to be stabilised for
working. The stalls were causing all kind of problems in other parts of the
system so with all my apologies I had to give up debugging this and went on
working on my tasks. 

Testing unfortunately requires plenty of reboots and the mainboard doesn't
quite like to init dual monitors at startup (DVI works, HDMI doesn't, which
makes quite hard to follow boot problems or modeset related stuff), the kernel
had to be forced to always-present due to a detection bug, and the various
hacks required to keep the system running (albeit pretty slowly) piled up too
high for my tastes. 

Therefore I am terribly sorry that I cannot provide more input and testing on
this bug (I would say "when time permits", since the card is still present, but
my estimation of the probability of this to happen are rather low).

Feel free to do whatever you deem appropriate to this poor bug.

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