[Bug 99796] vkUpdateDescriptorSets causes SIGSEGV

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Wed Feb 15 00:27:26 UTC 2017


--- Comment #11 from Michael Watzko <miwait00 at web.de> ---
Well, setting the location from 1000 to 1 also fixes it (of course that
includes updating the location in the fragment shader).

Well... it could have nearly worked yesterday, since I just changed it for a
bigger refactoring :/

Is there anywhere by definition written that location needs to be ascending
without leaving one empty in between?


Just had a look at vulkaninfo... whooops. So they need to be lower than max
but not only in sum less than max?

$ vulkaninfo | grep -i attri
WARNING: Ivy Bridge Vulkan support is incomplete
                maxVertexInputAttributes                = 31

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