[Bug 105440] GEN7: rendering issue on citra

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--- Comment #9 from vadym <vadym.shovkoplias at globallogic.com> ---
(In reply to Jason Ekstrand from comment #8)
> In the two dumps you provided, there's quite a few differences.  It would
> help if we could narrow it down a bit and figure out which vertex shader is
> causing the problem.  Hopefully, it's one of the small ones. :-)
> I recommend putting a little check in try_coalesce in
> nir_lower_vec_to_movs.c to look at shader->info.name return early for one
> shader at a time such as:
> if (strcmp(shader->info.name, "GLSL8") == 0)
>    return;
> That way we can narrow it down to the exact shader that's causing problems. 
> From there, sometimes it's useful to narrow it down further with something
> like
> if (strcmp(shader->info.name, "GLSL8") == 0) {
>    static int i = 0;
>    i++;
>    if (i > 8 && i < 20)
>       return;
> }
> Until you get down to the smallest change you can manage which still
> reproduces the bug.

Thanks for the hint! Looks like issue is in GLSL18 shader.

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