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--- Comment #11 from Andrés Gómez García <agomez at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Tapani Pälli from comment #9)
> Andrés can you confirm if some of the tests are still failing for you? For
> Intel CI and for me the r8_snorm and rg8_snorm tests are still failing, I
> believe this might be actually issue in the test itself. Teh test does not
> seem to allow R8 and RG8 reads as RGBA output but this should be just fine
> as the OpenGL ES spec allows reading to to bigger component output.

This is pretty awkward :/

Last week, I tested with mesa at 07a227f5438e63c5ebd1c49a272253a6784a69ae plus
your patch in mesa-dev applied on top (and some other set of unrelated

With that, all the tests were passing.

This week, with mesa at 2c1f249f2b61be50222411bc0d41c095004232ed (and a similar
set of unrelated patches on top), I have similar results than you. These are
still failing:
* KHR-GLES3.packed_pixels.pbo_rectangle.r8_snorm
* KHR-GLES3.packed_pixels.pbo_rectangle.rg8_snorm
* KHR-GLES3.packed_pixels.rectangle.r8_snorm
* KHR-GLES3.packed_pixels.rectangle.rg8_snorm
* KHR-GLES3.packed_pixels.varied_rectangle.r8_snorm
* KHR-GLES3.packed_pixels.varied_rectangle.rg8_snorm


I don't think it is worth to investigate what was going different on in my
side. Let's follow up with the proposed CL for VK-GL-CTS.

As for me, if you are convinced the only problem remaining to be solved is in
VK-GL-CTS, you could close this bug as FIXED. We can always reopen if that's
not the case.

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