[Intel-gfx] [SDVO-VGA] Chrontel 7317A and choose VGA/TV outputs

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hi Aidan

What's your driver version?, this problem is from multiple functions, which has been resolved.

Ma Ling

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I have 965GME-based hardware with a Chrontel 7317A SDVO chip used to provide a second VGA output, with no TV-out capability in hardware.  However, nothing ever gets displayed on a VGA monitor connected to that output because the device is configured for TV not VGA.

I noticed in the driver that since about driver version 2.4.x, the code in i830_sdvo_init() checks the capabilities of the SDVO device and uses this to decide whether to have a TV, TMDS or VGA output; if it's got SDVO_OUTPUT_SVID0 capability, the output becomes TV-n always, regardless of the setting of the SDVO_OUTPUT_RGB0 bit.  If I modify i830_sdvo_init() to check for SDVO_OUTPUT_RGB0 before SDVO_OUTPUT_SVID0 then everything works dandy.

Is there any way (via xorg.conf rather than driver recompilation) to choose which type of output to select?

Best regards,

Aidan Dixon

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