[Intel-gfx] Requesting proposals for a 2.9.x release

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Oct 13 20:29:20 CEST 2009

Some people have already caught me and asked me to cherry-pick patches
for a 2.9.x maintenance release of the driver.

So I'll be putting together a release candidate for 2.9.1 soon, and
I'd like to officially request proposals for fixes. You can request a
cherry-pick by replying in email here, catching me in IRC, or by
posting to the following wiki page:


As always, any commit to be picked must already exist in the master
branch, and must have received review and testing there.

Also, for each fix, please provide a short description of the bug
being fixed in terms that make sense to the user, (which I will put in
the release notes). The commit message is rarely the right thing here,
(since it will often refer to internals). Often the title of a bug
report is exactly what's wanted, so if your commit message already
includes a bugzilla URL then that's likely sufficient.

As an example of what I'd like for the descriptions:

What I don't want: Fix uninitialized pScrnPtr value.
What I do want: Fix crash on X server start with multiple outputs.


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