[Intel-gfx] Meaning of "fbpercrtc=1" option?

Marc Deop i Argemí damnshock at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 09:38:24 CET 2009

On Wednesday 07 October 2009 15:44:01 The Fungi wrote:
> A 2.6.31-1~experimental.1 kernel package got uploaded to Debian's
> experimental repository in the past few days. Right now there's only
> amd64 binaries in addition to the source, but CONFIG_DRM_I915_KMS is
> not set anyway (along with the new CONFIG_HID_WACOM, which I've been
> waiting on for quite a while) so I'll be having a go at building a
> 686-bigmem flavor i386 binary set with KMS if you want to give it a
> whirl.

I have a try to the testing repository kernel and I must that...it works! :)

Thanks a lot for the information about the fbpercrtc option


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