[Intel-gfx] [RFC v1] Data port coherency control for UMDs.

Lis, Tomasz tomasz.lis at intel.com
Mon Mar 19 16:09:23 UTC 2018

On 2018-03-19 14:53, Joonas Lahtinen wrote:
> + Dave, as FYI
> Quoting Tomasz Lis (2018-03-19 14:37:34)
>> The OpenCL driver develpers requested a functionality to control cache
>> coherency at data port level. Keeping the coherency at that level is disabled
>> by default due to its performance costs. OpenCL driver is planning to
>> enable it for a small subset of submissions, when such functionality is
>> required.
> Can you please link to the corresponding OpenCL driver changes? I'm
> assuming this relates to the new-driver-to-be-adopted, instead of
> Beignet?
It is for the new driver; I will ask the OCL developers to provide a link.
> How is the story/schedule looking for adopting the new driver to
> distros?
I guess that's another question for OCL guys, I don't know.
> Seeing the userspace counterpart and tests will help in assessing the
> suggested changes.
> Regards, Joonas
I prepared an IGT test for that, I will send it to a proper mailing list 

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