ANN: libmbim 1.10.0 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Aug 4 06:17:34 PDT 2014


So, I finally included all the mbim-proxy work in the new release, as
that will let us keep on testing it easier.

NOTE TO PACKAGERS: Please make sure the new 'mbim-proxy' is installed in
the same package as the *library* itself. This is not a helper tool
binary, it is part of the normal operation of the library. OpenSUSE I'm
looking at you.

Overview of changes in libmbim 1.10

 * API break: Flag values in 'MbimRegistrationFlag' were updated to
match the ones in the MBIM documentation.

 * Implemented a new 'mbim-proxy', which allows sharing a single MBIM
control port among different processes. The usage of the proxy is
optional, and can be requested by specifying the
MBIM_DEVICE_OPEN_FLAGS_PROXY flag in the new mbim_device_open_full()
method. The 'mbimcli' command line tool was also extended with a new
'--device-open-proxy,-p' option, to allow requesting the use of the
proxy process.

 * New 'removed' signal added to the MbimDevice, to notify when the
underlying connection to the device is lost (e.g. lost connection to the
mbim-proxy, or lost access to the MBIM control port).

 * Added support for registering and using custom services.

 * Added additional GMM cause codes to MbimNwError.

 * Transactions are now matched not only by ID but also by type.

 * Several other minor improvements and fixes.


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