[review] EM75xx firmware update using qmi-firmware-update

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Tue Jun 25 08:20:03 UTC 2019

> > P.S.: I have really done tons of failed attempts before getting the
> > process more or less right and consistent, and my one and only EM7565
> > is still alive.
> That's good to know ;-)
> One issue I am still wondering about: How does secure boot affect
> upgrades?  I guess you can't go back after updating to release 10
> (SWI9X50C_01.07.00.00) or newer?  And you probably can't upload any of
> your own NVU modifications after that either?
> But I guess it doesn't matter. We have no other choice than accept
> signed firmwres as a feature..

I have absolutely no idea about any of that :)


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