Issues with IPv4v6 and IPv6 on openwrt with a Quectel EG06-E

Thomas Schäfer tschaefer at
Thu Nov 7 20:49:51 UTC 2019

Hello Alexander,

Sorry, I have to disappoint you. Under normal circumstances - I send the 
questions/logfiles to you :-)

Around Christmastime I have a chance to go to the border of Denmark.  
(I visit  Schleswig and Flensburg) 
But I won't probably buy a sim card there. 

I can do short roaming tests there, if needed.

I am little bit surprised about openwrt with modemmanager. I thought they use 
uqmi and umbim. 
It is on my list - "what could I do, if have to much time".  At the moment I 
own an openwrt router ( )

I have no clue how to install development files there.
At the moment I am fine with "opkg install..."


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