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Nathan Willis nwillis at glyphography.com
Thu Dec 13 16:52:29 PST 2012

Tangential thoughts here:

When it comes to press outreach, we definitely do not want to (a) limit
ourselves to "print" (or web-print...) news outlets.  Podcasts, videocasts
(e.g., Meet the GIMP) and the like are just as important and have strangely
divergent audiences.
... or to (b) limit ourselves only to "FLOSS" press.  I recommend spreading
the word to blogs, newsy sites, and discussion forums that cater to graphic
design as a subject.  In particular to invite artists -- assuming we will
have things for them to do, workshopwise or meet-with-developerswise -- but
also to help find the basement-hacker-doing-something-really-wild who is
not plugged in to a formal project.

On a related note, it is best to separate out our news releases to have
specific purposes.  At this stage, we should still be highlighting the CFP,
because we want to get the word out to potential speakers and
participants.  That might not mean as many of the web discussion forums --
which tend to revolve around user discussions -- but it could.  Certainly
the recent deviantArt presentation, for example, was excellent and

When the proposals have started coming in (in droves!), then we should make
a harder effort to get the word out to potential attendees and perhaps
Pledgie/donation fans from the public.

I can also think of some specific potential presenters it would be worth
reaching out to that are not likely to pick up the CFP invitation by

- EditShare: they're still talking about open source; it has been a long
time coming, but it might do worlds of good to reach out to them in a
friendly way and invite them to LGM, rather than just ask where the source
code is
- Robofab: I genuinely did not know this was an open source project until
one week ago; they periodically cross paths with the open source community
on the type forums, but inviting them would potentially start a much better
- Belén Barros & Michael Wood: they were at GUADEC, and have built a free
software "portable usability testing lab" that I think a lot of projects
would find value in, even though it is not graphics-related itself.

I'm sure there are more, but I skipped lunch today so I don't remember any

nwillis at glyphography.com
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