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Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 23:38:22 PST 2012

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 4:52 AM, Nathan Willis <nwillis at glyphography.com> wrote:
> Tangential thoughts here:
> When it comes to press outreach, we definitely do not want to (a) limit
> ourselves to "print" (or web-print...) news outlets.  Podcasts, videocasts
> (e.g., Meet the GIMP) and the like are just as important and have strangely
> divergent audiences.

Er... I specifically contacted MTG and various other FLOSS communities
about that in the past. The Pledgie widget is always at inkscape.org
during the campaign (I think I can add it to gimp.org too), and it's 0
problem to announce the campaign on G+ pages for both Inkscape, GIMP,
and few other pages with lots of visits.

> ... or to (b) limit ourselves only to "FLOSS" press.  I recommend spreading
> the word to blogs, newsy sites, and discussion forums that cater to graphic
> design as a subject.  In particular to invite artists -- assuming we will
> have things for them to do, workshopwise or meet-with-developerswise -- but
> also to help find the basement-hacker-doing-something-really-wild who is not
> plugged in to a formal project.


> On a related note, it is best to separate out our news releases to have
> specific purposes.  At this stage, we should still be highlighting the CFP,

The what? :)

> because we want to get the word out to potential speakers and participants.
> That might not mean as many of the web discussion forums -- which tend to
> revolve around user discussions -- but it could.  Certainly the recent
> deviantArt presentation, for example, was excellent and eye-opening.

Well, I have contacts to DA guys. Actually, maybe we could get some of
them to the conference.

> - EditShare: they're still talking about open source; it has been a long
> time coming, but it might do worlds of good to reach out to them in a
> friendly way and invite them to LGM, rather than just ask where the source
> code is

I could do that.

> - Robofab: I genuinely did not know this was an open source project until
> one week ago; they periodically cross paths with the open source community
> on the type forums, but inviting them would potentially start a much better
> conversation

I tink you have more direct contacts than me here :)

How about Makerbot? They recently got one of Blender developers as an
employee, and I run into varios OSS code relevant to Makerbot all the

Alexandre Prokoudine

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