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Hello all,

[ Pursuing from the Create list on the libre-graphics-meeting list... ]

We are not coming at this organisation discussion out of the blue. There
has been *lots* of discussions about LGM venue in the short past. The
results of this thinking is on the Create wiki. Please refer to my previous
email. Here is a short list of the essential infos that are available for
years :

• Description of LGM
• Process to select the venue.
• Structure of the event
• List of the needs
• Ideas for an LGM Board
• etc.

It’s a *must* read before going further in the discussion, please. Even if
you think you know, take the time to refresh your memory! :-) We had clear
and thorough answers to many of the questions that were raised in the
Madrid meeting.

Plus, we do have a website that tells more information about the event and
we have access to all the previous events’ websites. This is precious data.
It’s maintained and available.

Anyone wishing to make a proposal for any venue is free to read all this
information *before* putting together an offer. It might have been hidden
for some time because of some spamming issues on the Create server but it
took no more than a couple of minutes to retreive from
web.archive.org(thanks to Pippin) the very minute we heard about it at
the meeting.


At the meeting we had in Madrid, some attendants may have be left under the
impression that we had no mean to hand the torch to the next year’s
organisers. This is not correct. We in fact have a lot (if not all) of
relevant informations at hand and if someone finds something is outdated,
it only needs a couple exchange of emails to get the proper answers and
update it. Most of the past organising teams are active on the various
lists and can be reached within hours (if not minutes!). We would be able
to update most of those infos quickly if there is a need. Or put more

I am particularly concerned by the idea somebody raised that if Femke, Ale
or myself would disappear (you will agree that it is unlikely to happen
unless a really bad conjonction of events), LGM would die. I don’t
subscribe to this point of vue. We have sufficient information available
and people who has been at LGM for years to get things done with efficient
organisers. There is nothing to worry here. If someone suddenly disappears,
it will be a shock but it will not put at risk the organisation. Some
things might take more time to sort out but the event would take place


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